Blow-Dry 101

Blow-drying your own hair can be a hassle, especially when you’re not exactly the most talented hair-person in the world  (like me,?)

BUT practices makes anything perfect and with the help of the right products, you can go a long way!

Check out our RG Tips video and learn the easy steps to the perfect, at-home blow dry that looks like a professional blowout (for real!)

As you saw, the products you use will help your blow drying process go smoother and last longer.

The Copacabana Shampoo & Conditioner preps your locks without being too harsh on it!

My favorite spray ever, the Keratin X-press, gives you that heat protection and keratin boost to make your blow dry last longer and frizz-free.

And last but definitely not least,  our RG Argan Oil seals your hair for the perfect finish and the final touch… the amazing smell!

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