Keeping Up With Blonde Hair

Today I am writing to all our gorgeous (not-so natural) blondies that suffer from the same thing I do… the struggle to keep your blonde from getting brassy and transforming itself into that orange/yellowish color that is definitely NOT how we like it.

Well, I kid you not when I say that RG’s CC Silver Line is here to SAVE OUR LIVES! The CC Silver Shampoo and Mask tone and nourish your hair; they remove all those unwanted tones and bring sexy back — with no ammonia included! Now, the best thin about RG’s collection is that the products also hydrate your hair while enhancing the color. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried other products designed to do the same, but they tend to dry up your hair and it sucks. So the fact that CC Silver actually makes my hair even smoother than before tells me a lot about the product quality. I’m a huge fan and I would be literally lost (and brassy) without it!

It is super easy to apply and use, check it out on our video below: